About the artist


Maria Rabinky was born in St. Petersburg, the “cultural hub” of Russia. As a youth, she studied classical art and obtained a dual Master’s degree in both architecture and fine arts at the prestigious St. Petersburg Academy of Fine Arts. After the Academy, she honed her skills as an architect and museum set designer.

Trained as a classical artist and architect, when Maria move to the U.S., she continued to work in watercolors, oils, pencil and ink, with an emphasis on architecture, still life, urban and country landscapes.

As an early adapter to emerging digital technologies, Maria has the rare mixture of a strong talent in the physical art as well as the electronic arts. As a mixed-media artist, she frequently merges both art forms to achieve the warmth of hand creations combined with the utility and flexibility of layers and PDFs needed for production and proofing.

Based in Richmond, VA, Maria is a member of the Graphic Artist Guild and the Illustrators Club of VA & MD, and American Society of Architectural Illustrators. Her art has been recognized nationally and a winner of multiple awards.

Her recent client portfolio is as wide ranging as her talents: UCLA, Discovery Maps International, Library of Congress, The Isaac Walton League, dozens of real estate developers, contract illustrator for architects, Garmany Magazine, Nissan, World Wrestling Entertainment, University of Richmond to name just a few.

Artist Statement:

It was probably no accident that I became an artist. I studied both architecture and art and lived in one of the most art-oriented, beautiful cities in the world: ancient St. Petersburg.

Working as an architect and a museum designer, I worked as a creative artist, mostly in watercolors. Watercolors have always fascinated me.

Academy of Fine Arts, St. Petersburg, Russia.

They allow creating very wide-ranging moods by choosing different density depending on what I want to express. In still life and landscape, I love to use dense and rich watercolors, sometimes approaching oils in their richness.

My ability to meet my client’s expectations of artistic creativity, quality, and deliverability – with a minimum of handholding and supervision is frequently mentioned as an important reason why my portfolio contains predominantly repeat clients.

I recognize that my clients have deadlines and they need to rely on an artist who can meet deadlines faithfully, yet not sacrifice artistic creativity. Each project is special and unique. I enjoy the opportunity and challenge of helping my clients communicate a message through an artistic medium that achieves their desired results.