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Commercial Illustration by Maria Rabinky

VCU Commercial Illustration

Commercial art is the art of artistic, creative services, referring to art created for commercial purposes, primarily advertising. Commercial art uses various platforms (magazines, websites, apps, television, etc.) for viewers to promote the sale and interest of illustrations, services, and concepts. It depends on the iconic image (pictorial representations recognized quickly by members of culture) to enhance recall and auspicious recognition for a product or service. An example of a product could be a magazine ad promoting a new soda through complementary colors, a catchy message, and appealing illustrative features. Another example could be promoting global warming by encouraging people to walk or ride a bike instead of driving in an eye-catching poster. It communicates something specific to an audience.

The commercial illustration is the art created for commercial purposes to promote services, products, and ideas to viewers. In making commercial artwork, an audience is considered when designing and illustrating the products that are being advertised and promoted. An example of this is a commercial artist and illustrator, Maria Rabinky.

Commercial art includes advertising illustrations, graphic design, corporate branding, logos, book illustrations, map illustration, and architectural illustration. Fine art includes paintings, sculptures, printmaking, photography, installation, multi-media, sound art, and performance.

A plan in the applied visual arts put together individuals to use artistic techniques to communicate ideas and information to business effectively and consumer audiences via illustrations in digital or printed media forms called commercial art.

The following are general types of commercial illustration.

Promotion & Advertising. Paintings, illustrations, photographs, and media created for promotions and advertising.

Visual Corporate Branding.

Publishing & Web Design.

Decorative Arts.

Environment art.

Communication illustration.

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