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Greeting Card Illustration by Maria Rabinky

Graphic illustration takes attributes from both graphic design and classic illustration and combines them. While graphic design puts more emphasis on communication and illustration leans more into fine art, the graphic illustration is a combination of both together.

This illustration applies the classic design essentials of colors, shapes, forms, and layouts to arrange and present original artwork.

Graphic design and illustration separately help express ideas visually, embellish concepts, sell products, educate people and promote ideas. They’re found everywhere: greeting cards, invitations, books, advertisements, stationaries, websites, and posters. They can use any technique, from printmaking and drawing to graphic depictions of data and statistics.

Graphic illustrators come with a skillset involving drawing, painting, art history, digital illustration, business, and marketing. They require both artistic skill and creative thinking necessary to communicate abstract concepts and effectively.

Illustrations are usually used in magazines, books, posters, video games, films, and animations. Some of the trending technologies used in the illustration sector include Vector Graphics: This illustration technique creates computer graphic images defined by 2D points.

When your business needs a much more particularized, stylish focus on your marketing, a graphic illustrator is the best professional to consult. Illustrations keep creative artwork at the forefront while also ensuring companies’ marketing strategy and design features. It’s a great chance to build a deeper connection between your users and products or ideas.

Suppose your company’s’ brand is building an intense exquisite and illustrated image to represent the image of the company identity, or are you interested in featuring an illustration of your company nature on your homepage or brochure. In that case, these are a great reason to call Rabinky Art, LLC to discuss your ideas.

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