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WheelsUp Magazine Cover Illustration by Maria Rabinky

WheelsUp Magazine Cover Illustration

An illustration is an image or a drawing or the result of creating the artwork or is an example meant to explain or prove a story.
An example of an illustration is the description of pollution used to show the harm humans have on the environment.

Book illustration is a brunch of fine art used to create drawn pictures and images for books. Illustrations are usually much more than beautiful images, however. They will usually help add to or enhance the story in some way. Generally speaking, book illustrations are more commonly exist in children’s books.

That to say, some children’s books may be composed of nothing but pictures, although many children’s books have words. Not only do these pictures add visual attractiveness for a child, but they can also help a child understand the terms of the story as well. As children become more brilliant at reading and understanding stories, they will typically start reading stories with fewer illustrations.

Illustrations are also repeatedly found in some books for adults. For instance, instructional books often contain schematic diagrams and technical charts, which help readers understand each chapter of a particular process. Medical and sciences books, altogether with wildlife and nature books, usually have many illustrations as well.
A book illustrator is a professional artist who creates black and white hand drawings and other color illustrations for books. The images that illustrators add help bring the books’ ideas and messages and support and bring the stories alive. Many illustrators will usually specialize in illustrating individual books, like picture books or books in specific genres. Some book illustrators may write the books they illustrate, but many simply add illustrations to existing manuscripts.

Clients use our hand-drawn book illustrations to decorate and clarify a text in a book or explain something in a magazine article.

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