Editorial Illustration
Illustration by Maria Rabinky

ONDCP Street Cityscape Illustration

Editorial illustration is artwork created to illustrate the written text, usually an article in a magazine, newspaper, or blog.

Here are many types of illustrative jobs, so let’s dive into the topic of editorial illustration.

Editorial illustration is an artwork created to describe an idea from the text, basically used in a book, newspaper, magazine, or web resource.

There are many kinds of illustrations, and editorial is just one of them. Although all illustrations are intended to describe a particular idea, editorial illustrations always accompany the text. This illustration aims to sell something, draw attention (like packaging or advertising illustrations), add a visual picture to the text, and better manifest the idea and overall mood.

Types of Editorial Illustrations

the text of the book or article depicts the kinds of editorial. Artists can use absolutely any style, material, or media. It is essential to pick something suitable for the audience, and the meaning of the story illustrator is drawing created for.

There are many options:

  • Web sites (like blogs, web magazines, or news pages).
  • Adult books: fiction and non-fiction books
  • Children’s books:¬†encyclopedias, atlases, book with many detailed illustrations that specifies as a children’s game, interactive books for tablets
  • Printed newspapers and magazines

Therefore, editorial illustration can be used wherever text is essential as its essential companion.

The critical thing to know about book illustration is that usually, when you illustrate a book, the work involves illustrations for the main text and many other parts. Here are some of the different book areas presented: front cover, spread illustration, full-page illustration, half page, or quarter page.

Editorial illustrators are commissioned by art directors and editors of consumer and trade magazines and newspapers to illustrate specific stories, covers, or other editorial materials in printing or electronic media.

Rabinky Art, LLC prepares several sketches that explore the range of approaches to the text visualization.

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