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Graphic Art

Graphic illustration, greeting cards, invitations, and logo design

Categorized samples of commissioned illustration

The world around us is flooded with illustrated graphic art. Corporate designs and letterheads fill our working hours.  Website images and company logos surround us at home. Illustrated graphic art is everywhere. If you are building a new company or rebranding one that is already close to your heart, you already know the value of graphics.


The Value of Illustrated Graphic Illustration

Marketing is selling ideas, concepts, and products. Logo design is a massive part of this process. After all, don’t we all recognize certain logos? Often one of the first steps for a new or rebranded business is finding a new logo. Then, that logo design translates into full corporate identity design.

A striking new logo design conveys the feel of a company. It might be bold, using strong lines and rich colors. Or the new logo might be softer and more fluid. Once a design is underway, the logo ideas and colors build to full corporate identity design. The concept includes letterhead and stationery design, marketing materials, website graphics, and color selections in the office and on the website.


Communicating through Illustrated Graphic Art

Formal or casual, striking, or humorous, illustrated graphic design sends a message to buyers. Our ancestors communicated through images. We do the same communication on a personal level with emojis and gifs and a professional level through marketing materials, website designs, and logos. Colors have meaning. Brushstrokes and fonts have meaning.

We look at some logos and know the business is comfortable and welcoming. We look at other logo design and understand that a company is stern and takes no prisoners. A design might be perfect for a wedding venue. But a legal or financial firm will need something very different.

Therefore, every company needs to stop and consider its message through its illustrated graphic art. What do your customers see? How do they feel? Is that the message you’re trying to send? Or sell?

Your message matters. Your business matters. So why not be sure it is conveyed entirely through your corporate identity design?


Greeting card illustration

Greeting card illustration is a spatial way of decorating greeting cards with pictures and graphics relevant to an event, holiday, birthday celebration, or topic. Our Custom Greeting Cards are graphically representing a specific event, emotion, occasion, or joke.

Our goal is to create a design following the card’s topic, theme, and type to follow the client’s needs. For example, an artist often makes whimsical pictures for humorous cards or sentimental illustrations for holidays and special occasions like corporate events or birthdays.


The Graphic Art section of the portfolio presents Corporate Identity Design, Logo Designs, and various Imprintable Invitations and Greeting Cards in a formal or humorous style.
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