Illustration by Maria Rabinky

Collage Illustration of the United Kingdom

Collage Illustration of the United Kingdom by Maria Rabinky
Collage Illustration of the United Kingdom
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Collage Illustration of the United Kingdom is an illustration created based on Map Illustration of the United KingdomIllustrated Map of the United Kingdom as a derivative illustration.


The United Kingdom is a historical combination of Great Britain, and Northern Ireland is well known as the United Kingdom (UK).


Illustration of the United Kingdom showing several objects representing the beauty of historical and architectural treasures of the United Kingdom.


Britain is famous for the seams with beautiful buildings steeped in history, places of extraordinary natural beauty, and striking ultra-modern structures most of them you can find in the Illustrated Map of the United Kingdom!

Hadrian’s Wall Erected by the Romans in AD 122. This wall was intended to keep the ‘barbarians’ away under the orders of Emperor Hadrian. This substantial stone wall once stretched nearly 80 miles (128km) from coast-to-coast in the north of England.

Stonehenge is rising from the Salisbury Plain, and you’ll always be filled with amazement by them. The most prominent prehistoric monument in old Europe. It was built in the late Neolithic period in around 2500 BC and is now part of a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

White Cliffs of Dover are white chalk- finished cliffs on the Kentish coast are conceivably Britain’s most iconic natural point of interest, known as the gateway to Britain.


There are so many attractions in the Collage Illustration of the United Kingdom like Blackpool Tower in Blackpool; Tower Bridge in London; St Paul’s Cathedral; Edinburgh Castle; Palace of Westminster; Brighton Palace Pier in Brighton; Tower of London; The Needles at the Isle of Wight; Buckingham Palace; Eden Project in Cornwall; Windsor Castle: The Iron Bridge in Shropshire; The Radcliffe Camera in Oxford; The Radcliffe Camera, Oxford; Loch Ness; Angel of the North in Gateshead; Albert Dock in Liverpool; York Minster; Forth Bridge; Durham Cathedral in Durham; Lindisfarne in Northumberland and many more attractions.


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