Illustration by Maria Rabinky

Conceptual Illustrations for NYU Langone Medical Center

Conceptual Illustrations for NYU Langone Medical Center


These are conceptual Illustrations for NYU Langone Medical Center. NYU Langone affiliated with New York University.


Medical Center is a famous academic medical center located in New York City. Their expertise in research, education, and patient care. NYU Langone Medical Center becomes the first healthcare institution in the New York Metropolitan area to implement an electronic medical record system on an enterprise-wide basis in 2010, rolling out Epic, a state-of-the-art patient information system.


These four Illustrations by Maria Rabinky for NYU Langone Medical Center were in a marketing campaign about the 5th Anniversary of Dean & CEO Robert I. Grossman’s Investiture.


Pillars illustration, spiral learning, staircases – represent education:


The New York Simulation Center for Health Sciences, the largest urban health training center of its kind in the US, is established at Bellevue Hospital in 2011 through a partnership between NYU Langone Medical Center and the City University of New York.


In Gross Anatomy, first-year students at NYU School of Medicine use a new visual tool known as the BioDigital Human to explore and dissect the body virtually, the result of a collaboration between BioDigital Systems, LLC and the Division of Educational Informatics.


NYU School of Medicine created a new Department of Population Health in 2012 to provide a hub for research and training, bringing together investigators in epidemiology, biostatistics, health policy, prevention, and related disciplines.


Illustration large crowd in an urban setting:


Building on the MD/MA in Bioethics introduced in 2010, NYU School of Medicine received state approval in 2011 for two new dual degree programs, which are a four-year accelerated MD/MPH and a five-year MD/MBA with NYU’s Stern School of Business. The total number of dual degrees offered by the School becomes five.


“Doctor Radio,” a pioneering radio program powered by NYU Langone Medical Center and broadcast 24/7, debuted on the Sirius Satellite network in 2008.

Trinity Center, the first site in an expanding network of off-campus ambulatory care centers, opens in the heart of the financial district in 2008 to serve the residential and corporate communities in downtown Manhattan.

Lean Management, a set of improvement strategies adopted from the corporate world, is implemented institution-wide in 2009 to enhance efficiency, financial sustainability, and patient care.


In 2009, NYU Langone Medical Center launched its first major institutional advertising campaign, “Any Given Moment,” which focuses on some of the institution’s primary clinical and research strengths.


Illustration the National Institutes of Health-giving medical center money:


Thanks to donations for education, the Class of 2013 becomes the first to participate in and benefit from NYU School of Medicine’s Curriculum for the 21st Century (C21), a spiral learning process based on patient-centered disease “pillars” and intertwining basic science with direct patient care.

NYU Langone Medical Center announces in 2011 that in less than four years, it has raised an unprecedented $1 billion in philanthropy, representing more than 66,000 separate gifts from some 51,000 donors.


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