Illustration by Maria Rabinky

Dartmouth College Campus Map Illustration

Dartmouth College Campus Map Illustration is showing the entire campus of Dartmouth College.


Dartmouth is included in the list of the highest-ranking universities in the United and has been a famous university for undergraduate teaching and research. Dartmouth was founded in 1755 as Moor’s Indian Charity School. In 1771 the first students had graduated from college. The first African American students had graduated from Dartmouth in 1775 and 1808.


Dartmouth College campus is a large private Ivy League research university in Hanover, New Hampshire, United States. Dartmouth College is based in Hanover, the small town in New Hampshire. The city of Hanover is situated in the Upper Valley along the Connecticut River in New England.


Dartmouth’s campus buildings vary in age from structures of the 1820s to this day’s modern building complexes, and the college is still growing and keep adding new facilities every year. All the variety of the latest and historical buildings are very well presented in the Dartmouth College Campus Map Illustration.


This campus map illustration is created as hand-drawn and colored digitally, so it has a watercolor look, but it is a high-resolution, fully digital file. The Dartmouth College Campus Map Illustration artwork was delivered to Dartmouth College in digital format on the required layers and ready for printing and use as an interactive version.


In the future, when the college will add any new building structures and redo any part of the campus, this illustrated map of Dartmouth campus can be revised to a new look and function.

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