Illustration by Maria Rabinky

DIA Gallery Event Architectural Illustration

DIA Art Foundation Illustration by Maria Rabinky
DIA Gallery Architectural Illustration

DIA Gallery Event Architectural Illustration is created for DIA Art Foundation special event as a very rough colored sketch. We needed to show the interior designer’s conceptual view and show to the client, DIA Art Foundation, how the interior will look like during the upcoming special dinner event.


DIA Art Foundation is a nonprofit organization founded in 1974. DIA Art Foundation is internationally famed for taking action on, supporting, presenting, and taking care of art projects. DIA’s permanent collection of works beginning from the 1960s and lasts through the present is presented at DIA:Beacon, Riggio Galleries, in New York’s Hudson Valley. In New York City, DIA at the Hispanic Society of America provides an interim venue for commissions and projects by contemporary artists while a permanent home is developed. DIA also maintains site-specific, long-term projects in the western United States, New York City, and Bridgehampton, Long Island.


The conceptual interior design is the art of approach and science of enhancing and amplifying the interior of a building or structure to achieve a beautiful and more aesthetically pleasing environment for the people using the space. And this DIA Gallery Event Architectural Illustration perfectly represents the interior event designer idea of the sophisticated and pleasant mood of this decorated to the particular event dibber room.


So, the event design is working on the decorations, style, lightning, and esthetics of the event. It’s about creating a unique vision and then designing all the essential visual details to transform a venue into the client’s dream. Whether you’re planning a fundraising event, wedding reception, birthday party, or corporate product launch, event design co-ordinates branding, color, invitations, centerpieces on the tables, etc. to a given theme. Event planning provides the logistical framework, while event design brings a creative vision to life.


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