Illustration by Maria Rabinky

Imaginary Town Illustration

Imaginary Town Illustration is created for the insurance company’s marketing campaign. This illustration was commissioned by the marketing company “g:f graves flower creative,” who was working on the brochure design for ING insurance branding.


We can draw up a town however we like, and the fantasy is the best tool for the project.  This Imaginary Town Illustration turns out to be the perfect match for the project.  It has whatever history the client wanted it to have.  Who cares if there’s not an island or the place where you were planning to locate this story?  Or maybe the city in your head is just like this town you drove through, but our novel took place in the client’s brochure.


Artist Maria Rabinky has a reach architectural background and experience in architectural illustration, which helps her to imagine, design, draw, and paint.

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