Illustration by Maria Rabinky

Paris Themed Map Illustration

Paris Themed Map Illustration are collage compositions of the most beautiful buildings and landmarks of Paris city. These objects, created for the Paris Illustrated Map, came together logically and organically together into two impressive compositions named “Paris Theme 1 Map Illustration” and “Paris Theme 2 Map Illustration”.


These two Paris Illustrations will make a fabulous pair of framed pictures on your wall in your home or office.


Whether you’ve spent time in Paris or only dream of wandering the romantic streets, you can feel transported to the best of what the city has to offer. Hang these Paris illustrations in your office. Then you can escape from a dull meeting into the Louvre or imagine a walk beside the River Seine. Enjoy the lively beauty of the art, and then use it as a means to relax throughout your workday.


You want personality in your home décor. Therefore, you should choose your wall art carefully. Consider what your paintings and prints tell others. Why not tell them just how much you have enjoyed your time in Paris? When you hang these Paris illustrations, you’re not only telling visitors how much you love the city, and you’re also setting yourself apart from others.


Celebrate your travels and relive your experiences every time you walk past your artwork. Arrange these two pieces together, and you can easily anchor a room with color and life. Then simply build the rest of your décor using the bold fun of Paris as the basis for the rest of your decorating.

Canvas Art
Paris Theme I Map Illustration
Art Prints
Paris Theme II Map Illustration

Prints of Paris Illustrations are available for purchase in different sizes and media as well as home decor, lifestyle items, stationery, and many more items with these images printed.

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