Illustration by Maria Rabinky

Rancho San Juan Architectural Illustrations

Rancho San Juan Architectural Illustrations by Maria Rabinky
Rancho San Juan Main Entrance Plaza Architectural Illustration
Map Illustration by Maria Rabinky
Rancho San Juan Map Illustration

When a visionary in Mexico realized the power of immersive education, he created Rancho San Juan. Architectural Illustrations created by Maria Rabinky helped to bring this concept to life and shared his vision with others.

Imagine the smiles of city-born children as they watch the antics of horses running through a field for the first time.

Enjoy the laughter of families watching mom or dad try to milk a cow.

Absorb the conversation happening between parent and child about how food is grown and produced as they actually can see it happening in front of their eyes.

Thanks to the power of beautiful map illustration, you don’t need just to imagine the day in the bright sunshine, exploring what nature provides. You can see the experiences in vivid colors and images.

This approach is the power of education. When children and families play and explore, they learn. As Rancho San Juan Architectural Illustrations show, theme parks aren’t just for roller coasters. Kids can be immersive learning environments about the world around us.

Rancho San Juan was developed for children and their families. The complex is a ranch where children are immersed in fun adventures about agriculture and nutrition. Families visit the farm and learn and play while meeting new animals and sampling fresh and healthy foods. They ride tractor-driven trains around the park and enjoy a delicious meal, prepared from the types of nutritious foods showcased in the park.

Map illustration helps bring this park to life. Fun adventures, learning opportunities, and special spaces for families to learn and explore are there to be explored in life and art. But we can’t all travel to Mexico to explore on our own. Thankfully the environment of fun and learning has been captured and shared with the world through map illustration.


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