Illustration by Maria Rabinky

"SEVEN YEARS" Book Illustration

SEVEN YEARS Book Illustration by Maria Rabinky
SEVEN YEARS Book Illustration for Bianca Rossini

This book illustration was created to illustrate the poem “SEVEN YEARS,” written by Bianca Rossini.

Bianca Rossini¬†is a singer, songwriter, and¬†book writer. Bianca Rossini’s poems are very delicate and personal. As a musician and singer, she has the gift to transform words into pure music.

Maria Rabinky was able to transform Bianca’s words into two-dimensional visualization.


The “SEVEN YEARS” Book Illustration¬†is a decoration and interpretation or to say the correct visual explanation of a book text, novel, or in this case, a poem.


Commercial illustrator Maria Rabinky creates watercolor and digital Book illustrations, which are available for commissioning at Rabinky Art, LLC.


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