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UCLA Campus Map Illustrations

UCLA Map Illustration Arts campus by Maria Rabinky
UCLA Map Illustration Arts Campus
UCLA-Map Illustration Student Life campusMap Illustration Student Life by Maria Rabinky
UCLA Map Illustration Student Life
UCLA Map Illustration Sports campus by Maria Rabinky
UCLA Map Illustration Sports campus

These three UCLA Campus Map Illustrations represent three different parts of the large Campus of the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). The famous University of California Los Angeles is a public research university in Los Angeles, California.


The university contained six undergraduate colleges, seven professional schools, and four professional health and science schools.


The new UCLA campus at the beginning of the last century had only four buildings: Royce Hall and Haines Hall on the north part, Powell Library, and Kinsey Hall (called Renee And David Kaplan Hall) on the south region.


Today, the Campus includes 163 buildings located 419 in the western part of Los Angeles.

UCLA located in the residential area of Westwood.


The Campus is informally divided into two parts: North Campus and South Campus, both located in the eastern half of the university’s area. North Campus is the original Campus; its buildings are more traditional in style and accoutered in imported brick from Italy. North Campus is residence to the arts, humanities, social sciences, law, history, and business programs. It is centered around ficus and sycamore-lined Dickson Court, also known as the “Sunken Garden.” South part of the Campus is almemar to the physical sciences, life sciences, mathematical sciences, engineering, the UCLA Medical Center, and health-related fields. The Campus includes museums, fountains, sculpture gardens, and a mix of architectural styles.

The first buildings on Campus were built by the local firm¬†Allison & Allison. The¬†Neo-Romanesque¬†style of these first four complexes remained an essential building style until the 1950s when architect¬†Welton Becket¬†was working supervising the expansion of the Campus over the next two decades. Becket significantly streamlined its general tone, adding several rows of slab-shaped brick buildings to the southern half, the largest of these being the¬†Medical Center. Architects A. Quincy Jones,¬†William Pereira, and¬†Paul Williams¬†were working on many following structures on the Campus during the 20th century. More recent additions to the Campus include buildings designed by architects Venturi, Scott Brown and Associates,¬†Richard Meier,¬†Cesar Pelli, and¬†Rafael Vinoly. The student population of UCLA is multiplying, and accommodating this growth, many constructions and new renovation projects are going on, including new additions to the life sciences and engineering research complex buildings. This non-stop construction gives UCLA the nickname “Under Construction Like Always.”


The UCLA Campus Map Illustrations show Arts, Student Life, and Sports parts of the University of California campus.


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