Illustration by Maria Rabinky

Whitney Gala Event Illustrations

Whitney Gala Event Illustrations are created as a part of the conceptual design for the annual museum event by artist Maria Rabinky.

The Whitney Museum of American Art, people, informally call the museum “Whitney,” is a famous art museum in Manhattan. The museum displays paintings, drawings, prints, sculptures, installation art, video, and photography. The museum’s collection grows every year, and now the collection contains more than 25,000 artworks by 3,500 artists.

Every year Whitney Museum is hosting its annual Gala and Studio Party, a part-fundraising, part-festivities event held in various halls of the museum. The annual Gala tickets and fundraising supports the museum’s mission of presenting innovating new exhibitions, helping with educational programs, and advancing the careers of some of the most talented artists living these days.

Whitney Gala Event Illustrations were helping the designer company to present the conceptual design for the Gala event to the end client, who was the Whitney Museum. The designers, who were working on the conceptual design for this Whitney Gala had a great talent and the ability to do the custom design to stage the set for that gala dinner. They had created the whole event theme, which is the big idea behind the entire event.


 The designers thought through shapes, colors, structures, and lightning. The artist was inspired by their concept, created these Whitney Event Gala Illustrations from a verbal description and a set of materials samples prepared by the designer company.

Maria showed Whitney’s Gala beautiful interiors, all set up and ready to embrace the celebrities coming for the gala event.

These three illustrations were created in digital format: digital pencil and digital color effects.

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