Illustration by Maria Rabinky

Wild and Wonderful Map Illustration

Map Illustration by Maria Rabinky

We are introducing the wild and beautiful animals from all over the World in Wild and Wonderful Map Illustration. These animals and birds and ocean creatures all together came from different continents and different illustrated maps created by Rabinky Art, LLC.


The idea is to put all animals and birds: predatory animals and carnivore together in one space, just to say the World is ideal as it is. We need to treasure our planet and keep all the life on the earth in harmony and safe.


This colorful and fun map illustration looks excellent as a framed print. It can enhance any interior of a school, child room at home, children club, or any other educational facility.


We all love animals. And pictures of animals seem to bring out the childish delight in all of us. We visit zoos, and we dream of safaris. Animals decorate nurseries and preschool classrooms, and they are the basis of countless picture books and videos.


Our love of animals runs deep, so why not bring that love into your home or workspace to be celebrated and enjoyed by adults and children alike? If you work with children, you already know the importance of bold colors and design. We thrive in colorful places, and bold strokes of color bring energy to space.


Combine the beauty and energy of color with a collection of the World’s animals. Enjoy our favorite species in a single location, and then hang the picture on the wall of a nursery or classroom. Share the beauty of animals to help children learn more about the world around them. 


The prints of this beautiful map illustration in any sizes and media are available at Please visit the link below to choose the print size, media, and printed images of this illustration in home décor or lifestyle items.

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