Architectural Illustration

There are many ways to showcase a design. Architectural illustration works to find the best way to showcase a new build, a remodel, or the sweeping architecture of a city.

Understanding Architectural Illustration

Imagine you’ve traveled to the older part of an ancient city. The streets narrow. The buildings become less industrious and more a work of art. Visitors simply stand and look to absorb the beauty of the architecture and the moment.

When it’s time to leave, you can’t help but want to take that feeling with you. A photograph helps, but architectural illustration creates a more powerful, lasting image—the soft brushstrokes. The colors are blending or contrasting to match the feel of an area.

These designs are the heart of an architectural illustration. The beauty of architecture could be depicted as a line drawing, a painting, a watercolor, or a digital graphic. The architectural rendering matches the beauty of the space using a technique that suits the energy of the area. It is a beautiful way to take a fully dimensional scene – existing or visionary – and translate it into a two-dimensional image.

The Many Purposes of Architectural Rendering

Beautiful old buildings are often the inspiration for architectural visualization, but they aren’t the only subjects that transition smoothly into architectural rendering.  There is beauty in modern landscapes. In beautifully designed college campuses. In stylish homes and sleek hotels. Architectural visualization, rendering, and illustration captures this beauty and is commissioned for many purposes:

  • To create a visual presentation of new designs and construction.
  • To celebrate the skyline with a cityscape illustration.
  • To depict the beauty of universities and other centers of learning.
  • To share the enthusiasm and energy of an updated hotel.
  • To showcase the beauty of a newly designed resort.
  • To help new homeowners visualize their perfect home.

There is beauty in all architecture – existing or envisioned for the future. Architectural and cityscape illustration captures that beauty and makes it truly timeless.

Architectural rendering, architectural illustration, cityscape illustration, or architectural visualization is the art of creating two-dimensional images. They are representing the features of a realistic or imaginative architectural structure.

Drawing techniques may vary because methods make simple line drawings. Sometime a line hand drawing may benefit from adding a splash of watercolor. And for some clients, it is imperative to have a cityscape illustration rendered as a full-color artwork.

Architectural rendering, architectural illustration, cityscape illustration, or architectural visualization are all available to commission at Rabinky Art, LLC.

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