Book Illustration
Illustration by Maria Rabinky

Book Illustration

Book illustration is the illustrations that appear on a book cover or alongside the body of written text in a book. Book illustrations bring life, color, and visual guideline to the written word of a fiction book, study book, children book, and to any novel or story.

The hand-drawn book illustration of handwritten books called manuscripts emerged in ancient times. It was prevalent in the West. With the invention of printing, the new illustration techniques have emerged, such as engraving, lithography, etching, and varieties of color printing. Some contemporary artists limit traditional drawing techniques, but Rabinky Art, LLC, uses modern tools to create new book illustrations. The illustrator will read the stories, interpret them, and use intuitions and imagination when illustrating a book.

Book illustration is a type of fine art, like any other visual tow-dimensional art. Artist creates a drawn picture, as icons or full subject image. An artist makes the artwork to guide us through the story and be much more than just a decorative design. They are visualizing the correctors and their actions. An illustration will usually help a rider to imagine the scenery or enhance the information in some way.

Illustration shall be easy to understand, but not only illustrate the text but also widen and enhance it. These will give the reader a visual idea of the characters, scenery, mood, and show the authors envision in a better light.

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