Map Illustration
Map Illustration by Maria Rabinky

NY City Illustration

Map Illustration and Pictorial maps are also known as illustrated maps, panoramic maps, perspective maps, Bird’s eye view Map Illustration, and geographical maps. The Illustrated Maps are depicting a specific territory with a more artistic rather than technical style.

What is on a Map?

The birds-eye view Map shows roads, terrain, various buildings, fields, and other objects (landmarks, historical buildings, points of interest, rivers, mountains, lakes, and ext.)

For instance, Arial Illustration may show a college or university Campus Map Illustration for wayfinding. But include enlarged images of student life scenes, statues, or any other objects to bring fun and interest to viewers.

Pictorial maps typically show an area as if viewed from above at an oblique angle. We may choose the viewpoint from a lower view angle. However, we may look at the territory from almost overhead in a Bird’s eye view Illustration, but still see some facades of the buildings below.

Not always to scale:

The Illustrated Maps do not generally show the exact topography in scale to show all street patterns and buildings. Besides, to show individual facilities and significant landscape features in perspective.

The territory and the roads may be visually distorted in the Bird’s eye view Map to accommodate the featured objects in the most exciting way.

Not to compare to Google maps:

Illustrated maps and Google maps are both called maps, but they are different from one another. It would help if you didn’t compare Illustrated maps to Google maps because the artistic approach makes the map illustration unique and unforgettable. Illustrated maps tell a story that you won’t learn from the Google maps. You can read more on their website to get a better understanding of illustrated maps.

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