Illustration by Maria Rabinky

Cityscape Architectural Illustration of North America Skyline.

Architectural rendering, architectural illustration, cityscape illustration and architectural visualization is the art of creating two-dimensional images. They are representing the features of a realistic or imaginary architectural structure.

Rendering techniques may vary. Some methods create simple line drawing. However sometimes a line hand drawing may benefit from adding a splash of watercolor. And for some clients it is very important to have a cityscape illustration rendered as a full color artwork.


Look at this North America Skyline Architectural Illustration and imagine yourself visiting a city somewhere in the World. That city is filled with beautiful and unique buildings lit with warm sunlight peacefully reflecting in a come clear water! 


This particular architectural illustration is a collection of famous building from all across North America. There are landmarks from San Francisco, Boston, Atlanta, Denver, Chicago, Toronto, Miami, Washington DC, New York and Montreal.


Black and white version

The North America Skyline Cityscape Illustration was initially created for Jones Lang Lasalle Americas, Inc company annual report as black and white digital pen line drawing. The architectural illustration was updated several times. We were adding more landmarks each year, as company was growing. Also, Jones Lang Lasalle used this illustration for advertising and its annual reports for several years.


Full color version

This architectural illustration found a new life when we added the colors and it got a new romantic look and colorful mood. Now the buildings look very calm and peaceful in the bright warm lights of the sunset, but these dramatic stormy skies make a perfect color contrast.

The cityscape illustration was licensed by the Ravensburger puzzle company, one of the global market leaders. They used it for a 3,000-piece jigsaw puzzle. Each individual piece of a jigsaw puzzle has a small portion of the illustration. So, it is more fun to assemble this puzzle with huge number of tiny details designed to entice the most demanding jigsaw puzzle enthusiasts.


The complexity of this cityscape illustration of North America skyline attracts and challenges people to put together the tiny pieces of the jigsaw puzzle. And when the puzzle is finished it recreates an  amazing view of the North America Skyline Cityscape Architectural Illustration.

The black-and-white version of the North America Skyline Cityscape Architectural Illustration

Illustration by Maria Rabinky
North America Skyline

The full-color version of the North America Skyline Cityscape Architectural Illustration

Illustration by Maria Rabinky

Ravensburger North American Skyline 3000 PC Jigsaw Puzzle

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