Artist and Illustrator Maria Rabinky

Maria Rabinky has a dual master’s degree in both architecture and fine arts at the prestigious St. Petersburg Academy of Fine Arts. After the Academy, she worked as an architect and museum set designer in St. Petersburg, Russia.

She was trained as a classical artist and architect. When Maria moved to the U.S., she continued to work as an architect. Then she started her career in the illustration fields. Maria has always been painting in watercolors, oils, pencil, and ink, emphasizing architecture, still life, urban and country landscapes. Her paintings are residing in private and corporate collections.

Some people have this gift to capture a mood, feel in the air, and make it a work of art. Maria Rabinky is one of them. Remember, when traveling in Italy, you saw a beautiful sunset and wished you could take it home with you? Or was it a romantic candlelight dinner you spent together and hoped that night would never end? All of us experienced episodes in our lives when we tried to take a mental picture of a magnetic moment. Our human nature works mysteriously. A breeze of a crisp autumn air through red and yellow leaves, a bouquet of freshly cut flowers, a vase of lavish fruit can bring so many memories. For different people, there are other memories. But here is where the magic is. With the artist’s talent and imagination, these life’s episodes are captured on paper and canvas, so we can take them home and make them a part of our lives. Maria Rabinky knows how to create this magic. Vivid images, bright colors give you just enough impact to let your imagination fly. Now you can experience your favorite moment over and over again.

As an early adapter to emerging digital technologies, Maria has the rare mixture of a strong talent in physical art and electronic artistic skills in producing her commercial artwork. As a mixed-media artist, she frequently merges both art forms to achieve the warmth of hand creations combined with the utility and flexibility of layers and PDFs needed for production and proofing.

Getting involved in the illustrated maps business was somewhat a logical choice for Maria Rabinky. In that line of work, she can most fully realize her training and skills as an artist and an architect.

Many of Maria’s maps include some landmark buildings and other cities across the U.S and other countries. Positioning them on the map illustration and finding the right way of depicting them is precisely where my architectural background comes in handy.

It is great fun for her to work on a city map or an area with which she is familiar. But it is even more fun to work on some site that Maria has never been to when she happens to get there sometime later, she feels like she has been there before — very unusual and exciting!

Modern technologies and good imagination allow Maria Rabinky to create maps of places where she has never been before, in addition to the supporting visuals provided by her clients.

Rabinky Art’s client list includes government and municipal agencies, universities and colleges, museums, publishers, advertising and marketing firms, real estate developers, tourist agencies, jigsaw puzzle companies, and various companies ranging from local small businesses to major national and international firms. That provides a great exposure to very different client needs, which requires finding a proper artistic solution. No two projects are the same.

All in all, illustrated maps turned out to be a perfect match for Maria Rabinky – creatively and personally.

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